Susie St. Denis

Hi, I’m Susie St. Denis,

Associate Producer at




Everyday Susie has to communicate with customers like you so, it is imperative that she does it well. Susie knows how to deliver on meaning while also being an active listener. She listens and comprehends before she speaks because she knows that you must understand a situation before you make a decision.


A production team needs a self-starter. Susie is someone that is ready to run the show and make decisions. If she really wanted to, she could run the entire department from nuts to bolts. The need to excel is in her blood. Susie can handle the opportunity and succeed.


Susie is always thinking ahead. She projects out and looks for problems and when they arise, she is able to solve them before they explode. She handles her tasks a little differently than the next person by getting a jump on tomorrow before she leaves today.


A high level of trust must be earned, not given. Trustworthy people will not let you down, they do what they say. Susie is high character, humble, and authentic. There is never an excuse or coverup. She has integrity and it shows.

About Me

My Experience

Susan St.Denis started working at BluHorn as an assistant director and executive producer in 2019.

My Interests

A University of North Florida graduate, her passion for filmmaking carries over into her work. With a combined experience in production and marketing, Susan brings a unique skill set to the BluHorn team and works to bring clients not only great products, but a great experience as well.

Why I’m Qualified

My Credentials

  • University of North Florida
    • Communication/Production, B.A.
  • College of Charleston
    • International Business, B.A.

My Expertise

  • Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Film Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Broadcasting
  • Digital Media
  • Screenwriting