Rebecca Day

Hi, I’m Rebecca Day,

VP of Social Media at

Client Focused Media.



Marketing, branding, sales, PR/crisis management, reputation building, and data analysis all come together to compose social media. Rebecca understands the importance of using social media as a channel with which to engage your customers and deliver key messages that are relevant to their needs, concerns, and challenges.


Make no mistake, social media is customer service. In tense, crisis situations, especially when there’s an audience watching, the VP of Social Media may not always deliver the solution, but Rebecca always delivers empathy. This allows her to create high-quality, emotionally engaging content and ads. Rebecca’s content hits the mark and customers are left thinking, “Wow, that was meant just for me!”


Humor is not for amateurs. Humor on social media is only meant to be used by those who have mastered it. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Rebecca believes laughter is a universal means of communication- humor humanizes a brand. Companies are always trying to shorten the distance people two people; Rebecca knows just the trick.

Social Media Savvy

Rebecca is, of course, a regular user of social media and is well-immersed in the social environment. This allows her to have a first-hand understanding of a user’s methodologies when browsing various social media platforms. Beyond understanding a user’s needs, she has a concise understanding of user experience (UX) and is able to tell a beautiful story.

About Me

My Experience

Rebecca Day attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and majored in creative writing. She also attended Florida State College of Jacksonville and received an associate in arts degree with a focus on writing. She has spent the last decade as a creative entrepreneur, working as an independent musician and writer full time. Coming on board with Client Focused Media has allowed her to utilize her diverse skill-set. She enjoys working on projects with a focus on content of all kinds including copywriting, press releases, article writing for various publications, WordPress websites, social media marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, and editing.

My Interests

In her spare time, she enjoys focusing on free market economics and is the founder and chapter director of Bastiat Society of Jacksonville, an Austrian school of economics organization in partnership with American Institute of Economic Research.

Why I’m Qualified

My Credentials

  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
    • Associated of Arts, Writing, General
  • Bastiat Society of Jacksonville
    • Founder and Chapter Director
  • Indie Music Bus
    • “Beat The Songwriting Blues: 5 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block and Become a Better Writer”
  • Indie Art South
    • “The Legend of the Last Panther of the Ozarks”
    • “What Does Philosophy have to do with Music and Art?”

My Expertise

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blogging