Marie Boian-Meyer

Hi, I’m Marie Meyer, VP

of Operations at Client

Focused Media.


Culture Fit

Operations is the pulse within any company. Marie’s maintains our business culture by ensuring that we are well adjusted to the positions and procedures you need. She is a natural leader and safeguards our ease of operations.

Develops Process

If an operations employee is only as good as the organization’s process, then a VP of Operations must know how to develop a great process. Marie understands that in order for you to achieve lofty revenue targets, there must an innovative process to get you there. It is not only about how you started or ended with some sort of accomplishment, it is the process.

Industry Understanding

Marie knows exactly how to operate within our industry. She comes loaded with experience. Marie is up to date on how our industry is evolving and is able to ensure our company gets what it needs in order to stay on top of these changes. She is constantly thinking of how we can readjust in order to face new changes.

Learns Relentlessly

In order to be cutting edge in our industry, we must have a relentless learner on our team. Marie knows that you can never know an industry too well- and if you think you do, you can start to believe you know more than you actually do. Marie uses her industry knowledge to learn more about how you can capitalize on opportunities. She never stops learning, developing herself, and developing the process.

About Me

My Experience

Marie Boian-Meyer has been with BluHorn since the purchase of the software in 2013.  Being a part of the journey that BluHorn has taken from basic insertion order generation to a fully integrated media buying solution has been extremely exciting and rewarding.

Before joining the team, Marie spent 10 years as a media buyer in the nation’s third largest media market; Chicago. After working for nearly a decade in Chicagoland’s two largest automotive ad agencies, she wanted to have a role in making a planner and buyer’s life easier and more efficient.  Her love of organization, critical thinking skills, and desire to help people have made BluHorn the perfect work environment.

My Interests

Marie earned her degree in Broadcast Communication from Bradley University in Illinois. 

Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, as well as serving on the school PTO board and volunteering in community theatre.

Why I’m Qualified

My Credentials

  • BluHorn Basic Certification
  • Bradley University
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Broadcast Journalism

My Expertise

  • Online Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising Sales
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Television
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Communications