Chase Gunnell

Hi, I’m Chase Gunnell,

Executive Producer at




Chase thinks on his toes and comes up with ideas that are fresh, innovative and most importantly, attract your target audience. He is a “creative superhero” amongst a bunch of intellectuals.

Eye For Detail

When working with video you must recognize it is transparent in nature. There is very little someone can do to save a shoot if something goes wrong. A crumpled shirt, hair flying out, reflection in the frame can cause a lot of commotion when the post-production team sits down to work on the footage. Chase is alert and pays attention to small details during a shoot as well as in post-production.


An EP is at the center of planning around deadlines. Chase knows that planning, and planning well, is the key to getting his job done right- from the time the footage gets shot, to post-production, Chase plays a vital role in ensuring the sessions are delivered on time. When his plate is full, Chase has always come out on top without compromising the quality of work.

Quick Thinker

It is imperative for an EP to think, arrange, and action during contingencies. If you catch Chase on the off-day that he has not already conspired a backup plan, he is quick on his feet to come up with a solution is something goes wrong.

About Me

My Experience

Chase has worked for a small professional sports organization as a media relations professional interacting with and recruiting media to cover the team. He has also worked as a radio host for the University of North Florida FM radio station where he hosted a sports talk radio show while also sitting in on various shows and doing some writing for the website.

Chase has also worked in the field of recorded video production and hosting and has focused his on-camera work to sports related interviews while also doing miscellaneous topic interviews. While learning these skills he also obtained the skills to handle the production of the video from a behind the camera position.

Since joining Buzz Media in 2019 he has acted as a television show host for multiple shows as well as the Executive Producer of both Buzz TV and Bluhorn TV.

My Interests

Chase Gunnell is a graduate of the University of North Florida as of December of 2019.

He received his bachelor’s degree with a major in Sports Management and a minor in Communications and has used the courses and materials from the degree to hone his skills in the world of sports media.

Why I’m Qualified

My Credentials

  • University of North Florida
    • Sports Management, B.A.

My Expertise

  • Forward Thinker
  • Organized
  • Team Builder
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development