Our Areas of Expertise

Teams Of Experts FOCUSED On Your Business

Collectively and as individuals, our marketing agency’s team has worked with a diverse mix of businesses over the past several decades and honed skillets and knowledge in several categories. Whether you are a small business or a national company, we can develop a marketing campaign that works for you. We pride ourselves in establishing long lasting relationships with our clients, past, present, and future. Whether we’re developing strategic plan for a nonprofit, executing a grass roots promotional campaign for a medical group, managing search engine optimization for a law firm, or creating amazing visual media like graphics, animations, logos, or commercials, we make sure our clients get the products they need in a timely fashion at a price that works within their marketing budget.

Healthcare Marketing

The healthcare and medical market is a constant challenge. With the continuous shifts in consumer behavior, regulations, and the competitive landscape, this means that advertising and marketing tactics must be both highly sophisticated and very flexible. Fundamentally, a healthcare brand must establish rapport with consumers to connect effectively over time. At Client Focused Media, we help healthcare firms build this bond by partnering with our clients to develop and deliver smart, respectful, and advanced marketing approaches that truly serve their clients’ needs.

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Legal Marketing

We believe that great marketing for law firms can make the law more approachable, more accessible and ultimately more human. We create client-focused marketing strategies that combine authentic storytelling, high-quality creative and technology to engage and capture your ideal clients for your firm.

Success is ultimately helping your law firm grow. We do this by building an emotional connection between your legal services and your community. We’re a team of brand builders, media specialists, digital experts, writers and innovators.

Our experience has shown that people connect with people, and we have built an entire business around helping lawyers do just that. We design our marketing campaigns to be a service to your community that you live in, empowering individuals to take action for positive change.

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Nonprofit Marketing

Client Focused Media is a proven partner for not for profit organizations. At CFM,  we use the inbound marketing method to help nonprofits sustain long-term growth. We specialize in data-driven campaigns that include SEO, content strategy, social media, PPC and re-marketing, conversion optimization, and fundraising strategy.

If you’re running a nonprofit organization, having a strong marketing presence is vital. Many nonprofits don’t have the resources in-house to build a great campaign. To win in today’s evolving marketplace nonprofit brands must bring their purpose to life with a focus on attitude shifts, behavior change and business results. Client Focused Media delivers a strategically-built, emotionally-compelling campaign that fuse their communications, fundraising and mission-based programmatic assets in sustainable, salable ways that were once considered unimaginable. Today, it’s not just what you stand for that matters, but how you inspire others to take a stand.

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Restaurant / Quick Serve / Hospitality

Client Focused Media has proven marketing strategies for restaurants and the hospitality industry. We know the excitement and stress of building a restaurant business. With the right Restaurant Marketing strategies, Client Focused Media will help you target the right audiences as well as convert them into customers. We specialize in catching the attention of guests and keeping them coming through your door with our creative solutions.

Our history in working with some of the top Quick Serve brands and restaurant groups,  allows us to see trends that others can’t. Having a successful optimization strategy for your restaurant can turn you into a major competitor in your market. These patterns enable us to optimize your site most effectively so as to not waste your time and money.

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“Be warned that being an expert is more than understanding how a system is supposed to work. Expertise is gained by investigating why a system doesn’t work.” – Brian Redman


The start of every relationship begins with a Client Needs Assessment where our team of experts will gain a 50,000 foot view on what your main goals are and the current resources that you have at your disposal. We will explore your current solutions in place for all creative, digital, web, public relations, media as well as the current tools that your company utilizes. Instead of throwing mud against the wall and hopes it sticks, we will identify what your short term and long term goals are and create a roadmap and list of the tools you need to get there.