Digital Media Director

Position: Digital Director

Job Objective:

The Digital Director is responsible for driving Digital efforts for Client Focused Media and its entities. This position is responsible for staying up-to-date on our agency, our events and our clients to provide the best, most interactive experience for our clients on digital platforms. He or she should also look for opportunities that will generate engaging content, take and collect photos/Videos from events and constantly be improving our client’s online presence. He or she should stay current on trends, industry news and maintain ongoing self improvement on industry best practices. Employee must obtain expert knowledge of company’s concepts, practices, and procedures. Employee must rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals and will be expected to perform a variety of tasks to accomplish clients’ needs.

General Job Responsibilities:

  • Employee’s primary responsibilities will be assisting to generate revenue for the Client Focused Media, INC. and all of its entities, as well as maintaining current revenue.  
  • Employee will be responsible for implementing digital strategies and servicing agency clients, the Company and its entities by meeting all goals and expectations set forth in clients’ service plans. 
  • Employee will be responsible for carrying out several tasks to facilitate digital campaigns.
  • Employee will be responsible assisting agency staff as needed to improve the Company and its entities’ online presence. 
  • Employee’s other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Develop and assist with sales presentations, proposals, quotes and marketing materials;
    • Assist in all areas to work together as a team with Employee’s counterparts to ensure that the company is maximizing all digital sales opportunities;
    • Assist in the development of sales tools, presentation materials such as case studies, or other such vehicles deemed necessary by management;
    • Assist the Accounts team as needed to onboard new business and maintain current business;
    • Performing other related duties as may be assigned by Employee’s manager(s) and company staff.
  • Be accountable for expenditures and budgets set by clients.
  • Delegate responsibility to appropriate staff to ensure that the day-to-day functions and assigned projects are carried out.  
  • Manage and maintain workflow of specific tasks, assignments, programs & events to ensure timely and accurate completion of assigned work based on project expectations.
  • Identify potential sales and digital opportunities for clients.
  • Employee is responsible for learning and proficiently using CFM’s project management software.
  • Employee is responsible for learning internal process, procedure and company ideology.
  • Employee is expected to learn and consistently execute all company branding standards, as well as company policies and procedures.
  • Employee is required to participate in company promotional events.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Track all time spent on any work for internal purposes and clients in ProWorkFlow.
  • Task / Project coordination between team and staff to ensure client fulfillment.
  • Work to support, increase and exceed company sales goals.
  • Coordinate all resources of the agency as it pertains to client needs and ensure full client fulfillment.
  • Communicate across all agency departments and staff.
  • Report / Presentation planning strategy and build for clients.
  • Collect, organize and maintain files, documents, logs and client/project/campaign info (reports, content, client documents, calendars, etc.)
  • Responsible for ensuring quality and accuracy of proposals, collateral, digital projects and other projects by creating, copywriting and proofreading for errors.
  • Responsible for the accurate and timely execution of all team and client projects, managing allocated time and budget parameters. 
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy for all work executed.
  • Act as a strategic liaison between vendors and agency.
  • Work with vendors as required executing client services, as well as ensuring the accountability and quality of vendor work. 
  • Maintain relationships and favorable contacts with current and potential vendors. 
  • Assist Accounts team as needed in sales and pitch process.
  • Develop strategic digital plans and proposals with account and production teams.
  • Execute marketing campaigns through digital efforts.
  • Shape the digital vision for clients/projects and execute and maintain visual/copy identities as defined by client’s brand. 
  • Ensure all profiles and apps are complete and accurate with company description, contact info and website URL and other company information.
  • Post and engage on social platforms on behalf of clients, the agency and its entities to enhance the brand and promote social goals. 
  • Responsible for checking for and responding to posts, posting/tweeting, interacting with followers, fans and friends and promoting social clients, the agency and its entities. Engagement on all platforms should be timely and consistent.
  • Responsible for providing engaging content, making connections and building relationships to drive engagement, encourage repeat business, encourage referrals, get online endorsements, reach potential customers and actively respond to positive and negative comments on behalf of clients. 
  • Respond to negative comments, posts and tweets immediately by attempting to fix the issue, turn the client’s experience into a positive one, engage in an offline conversation to solve the problem and report issues to Accounts team and/or client as needed.
  • Update blogs and social platforms for clients, the agency and its entities as needed/assigned to ensure content is always current, informative and engaging.
  • Maintain current understanding of digital best practices and operations of social platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular platforms to present us as the experts in the industry.
  • Stay current on technology, apps and online features. 
  • Coordinate any login credentials and admin access through the Web Director.
  • Assist management with process, procedure and administrative duties as requested.
  • Attend meetings as requested.
  • Take part in brainstorming sessions.
  • Serve on a nonprofit committee.
  • Participate in networking and volunteer activities as requested.