Communications Specialist / Digital Media Specialist

Job Objective:
This position is responsible for maintaining relationships and favorable contacts with current and potential Company accounts. Communications Specialist / Figital Media Specialist will also assist the Team Lead on digital. The position will oversee a variety of general support assignments to assist the goals of each account. Additionally, the position will assist in the planning and execution of all internal processes and procedures. They will identify, plan and implement the objectives set by the agency key players to ensure the agency’s effectiveness.

General Job Responsibilities:
Employee’s primary responsibilities will be generating revenue for the Client Focused Media, INC. and all of its entities, as well as maintaining current revenue.
Employee will be responsible for assisting and implementing marketing strategies of the Company and supporting Company Senior Account Executives to carry out several tasks to facilitate marketing campaigns.
Employee’s other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Assist in the development of sales presentations and marketing materials;
Assist in all areas to work together as a team with Employee’s counterparts to ensure that the company is maximizing all marketing sales opportunities;
Assist in the development of sales tools, presentation materials such as case studies, or other such vehicles deemed necessary by management;
Assist in the development of copy for advertisements and design concepts;
Perform other related duties as may be assigned by Employee’s manager(s) and Company staff.
Maintain own budget and be accountable for expenditures.
Delegate responsibility to appropriate staff to ensure that the day-to-day functions and assigned projects are carried out.
Manage and maintain workflow of staff who are responsible for specific tasks, assignments, programs & events to ensure timely and accurate completion of assigned work, project expectations.
Maintain workload and time management as expected by client budgets and internal expectations.
Identify potential sales and marketing opportunities as applicable for all departments for clients and report to AE and/or relevant department/division.
Report to AE for day-to-day work functions.
Employee is responsible for learning and proficiently using CFM’s project management software.
Employee is responsible for learning internal process, procedure and company ideology.
Employee is expected to learn and consistently execute all company branding standards, as well as company policies and procedures.
Employee is required to participate in company promotional events.

Essential Job Duties:
Track all time spent on any work for internal purposes and clients in ProWorkFlow.
Task / Project coordination between client, team and staff and ensure fulfillment.
Work to increase and exceed team sales goals.
Coordinate all resources of the agency as it pertains to client needs and ensure full client fulfillment.
Communicate across all agency departments and staff.
Coordinative scheduling and management of client promotions to ensure client satisfaction and project completion.
Report / Presentation planning strategy and build for clients.
Collect, organize and maintain files, documents, logs and client/project/campaign info (contracts, buys, orders, schedules, etc.)
Responsible for ensuring quality and accuracy of proposals, collateral, design projects, media spots and other projects by creating, copywriting and proofreading for errors.
Act as a strategic liaison between vendors, clients, media companies and agency.
Assist Team Leader with all projects and fill in for Team Leader as needed.
Manage all client accounts assigned by team lead.
Assign out duties to all departments based on client needs.
Work with agency departments for client fulfillment.
Managerial assistance to multiple accounts for strategic conception through production.
Receive and filter through sales leads and pass onto team leaders and account executives.
Recruit and manage daily workload for CFM intern & Sales Assistant.
Oversee intern schedules, workload and overall internship experience. Responsible for assigning intern’s work and evaluating intern with any progress reports required.
Assist SA with print quotes and promotional product orders as needed.
Responsible for the primary development of proposals for the team, assigning and collecting proposal contents as needed and completing the approval process with AE.
Work with the PR department, assisting as needed on assigned projects and tasks working to attain overall PR goals and strategies for client.
Responsible for assisting Media Buyer with media relations including local meetings with media reps and coordinating phone calls and emails as needed.
Responsible for executing website quotes for team.
Responsible for working with Designers and other Company departments on team’s client projects.
Perform and support areas of research, development of media plans by identifying target audience and ideal media outlets and retrieve and compile data.
Serve as an assistant when in meetings with other staff members taking and compiling notes for all team and client meetings, save to server and alert appropriate staff in absence of SA.
Act as a mentor for incoming team Sales Assistants, interns and other team members. Encourage all team members for success.
Assist staff with administrative duties as requested.
Assist with SA’s with overflow work as needed.
Attend meetings as requested.
Take part in brainstorming sessions.
Regularly attend at least one networking activity on behalf of the company.
Serve on a nonprofit committee.
Participate in networking and volunteer activities as requested.

Video Production Duties –
Video Production – Coordinate communication with Video Production Company and content for client accounts.
Video Production – Coordinate client approvals as needed.
Video Production – Oversee Video production and distribution to media channels.
Video Production – Responsible to Video Production Company for video related duties.
Video Production – Update AE and other departments as needed on accounts. Communicate with clients on Video as needed during client meetings with AE or present.

Production Duties-
Production – Enter production projects for your team into proworkflow
Production – Coordinate client approvals as needed.
Production– Input team production projects into proworkflow and communicate with production department
Production – Assist production Department when needed
Production– Update AE as needed on accounts. Communicate with clients on production as needed during client meetings with AE or Assistant present.

Digital Job Duties –
Social Media – Proofing, writing and updating social media content for client accounts.
Social Media – Input teams Digital projects into proworkflow and communicate with Digital department
Social Media – Monitor, respond and engage on social media platforms on assigned accounts as required by client contract.
Social Media – Coordinate client approvals as needed.
Social Media – Implement social media calendar for accounts.
Social Media – Oversee graphics production, contesting and promotions for social media accounts.
Social Media – Responsible to Digital Manager for social media-related duties.
Social Media – Update AE as needed on accounts. Communicate with clients on social media as needed during client meetings with AE present.
Newsletters – Develop, design and copywrite e-newsletters for client accounts.
SEO – assist Digital Director as requested.

Public Relations Duties 
Public Relations – Coordinate Immersion Sessions
Public Relations – Input team Public Relations projects into proworkflow and communicate with Public Relations department
Public Relations – Review of Current Outreach Opportunities with clients
Public Relations – Coordinate the Development of Annual PR Plan and Calendar with Public Relations Department and AE
Public Relations – Regular Reviews of Topical News and Information with PR Department
Public Relations – Coordinate the Writing, Editing, Proofing, and distribution of Press Releases and Media Releases and the communication with the media in regards to the release
Public Relations – Coordinate White Papers or Articles
Public Relations – Coordinate the Writing and Updating of CEO and Key Employee Bios
Public Relations – Coordinate Speaking Engagements
Public Relations – Coordinate Speechwriting for Speaking Engagements
Public Relations – Attend and speak on behalf of Clients
Public Relations – Arranging for Photographers/Videographers for Key Client Events (photography billed separately to client)
Public Relations – Client Crisis Counseling
Public Relations – Coordinate the writing, editing, design and production of Client Press Packet
Public Relations – Coordinate Case Studies