Understanding Facebook Feeds and How To Be Seen

By January 31, 2013Social Media

You’ve likely heard or read that Facebook Page Reach has plummeted and EdgeRank is to blame. EdgeRank is an algorithm used by the Social Network to organize the massive amount of activity generated by people, pages, and apps and decides what is shown to whom. Whether the numbers have truly plummeted, is (and likely always will be) up for debate as you can plainly see below.

This does not mean it is time to give up on your digital marketing efforts and swear-off Zuckerberg forever. But, it is time to strengthen your outreach and keep the interests of your target-audience in mind.

There are now 4 ways that EdgeRank is sorting what you and other users see and miss out on.

• If you have interacted with the posts of the Community/Business Page (Liking, Commenting, or Sharing), Facebook will show you more from that page. This explains why we tend to see plenty of posts from pages that we comment on and less and less from the pages that we ignore.

• The reactions of others also play a role. If people ignore a post by not interacting, Facebook is less likely to show it to others. It may not be a bad idea to Like the posts of your business page with your personal page and encourage co-workers to do the same. Since you cannot individually invite all of your fans to Events, you should Like or join these, as well.

• Did you Like a similar post recently? If you have a tendency to interact more with pics than you do with simple text-only posts, Facebook will push more in your direction. This explains all the memes I’ve been seeing lately.

• If the post or even page making the posting has received a lot of complaints in the past, you’ll be less likely to see its future posts. This became much more commonplace as of September. Keep posts positive and upbeat. Keep in mind how your target-audience would react to that unclothed Ethiopian kid dancing.

These factors cover more than just community/business pages, they cover your personal posts and updates, as well. For instance, just the other day I learned an old friend from high school recently became engaged to be married. I mean, I actually heard it with my ears rather than from a Facebook update. Later that day, I went to his profile and sure enough there it was with 40+ Likes and even a couple Shares. But, how did this get pass me? I’m always scanning through

my feed. It didn’t get pass me, Facebook simply omitted it, because our Facebook interaction has not been that strong recently. Goes to show that Factor 1 is alive and well, which leads me to believe that 2, 3, and 4 are up and running also.

Again, there are no clear statistics as of yet. Just keep up the good work and don’t get too frustrated when that amazing Facebook Status doesn’t get as many Likes as you feel it should.

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