15 Years Serving Our Clients & Community

CFM is the leading integrated marketing firm in Northeast Florida. CFM has extensive capabilities and experience providing full service marketing specializations in campaign creation, public relations and crisis communication, branding, print, advertising, sports marketing and multi-platform converged media production. Our team includes top-rated talent and industry veterans.

CFM Leadership

Mike White

Mike White CEO, Client Focused Media

Meredith Tekin President, Client Focused Media

Joe Snowberger President, BUZZ Media Group

Division Leadership

Natalia Gonzales Art Director

Cher Davis Web Designer

Stacey Steiner Social Media Strategist

Marie Meyer Media Purchasing Director

Mark Marlar Video Director

Paul McCormick

Paul McCormick Public Relations Director

Jasmin Lankford Editor, BUZZ Magazine

Client Services

Joy Bell Account Executive

Kelly White Public Relations Specialist

Joseph Vokac-Gordon Videographer

Amy Richardson Account Manager

Miranda Cooper Marketing Specialist

Fallon Mayer Account Manager

Tanya Pope Accounting Specialist

We are the leading integrated marketing firm in Northeast Florida with extensive capabilities and experience providing strategic planning, marketing, creative, advertising, branding, public relations and crisis communications services. Schedule a Consultation