Programmatic Media Continues to Evolve Media Buying Landscape

Gone are the days of blindly placing media in the hopes that you will reach your exact target demographic. Technology has taken the guesswork out of the process with programmatic media, one of the fastest growing trends in the media buying and advertising industries. Programmatic media buying utilizes a computer program that manages the real-time bidding on media inventory housed in ad exchanges. Algorithms are used and analyzed by the sellers (publishers) within the ad exchanges to determine the exact price that a buyer (advertiser) is willing to pay for the media, thus making the process that much more efficient.

According to Chris Rash, vice president of digital innovation at Interfuse Media, programmatic buying has three key benefits: rate, higher optimization and flexibility. The rates with programmatic buying tend to skew much lower than traditional digital media buying because advertisers are not limited to the rates provided by one seller. The ad exchanges provide a wide array of inventory and create a competitive rate network.

The second benefit focuses on higher optimization in that programmatic buying can tailor a specific message to a targeted consumer at a precise moment through a particular medium. This allows buyers to maximize their advertising dollars by pinpointing their desired audience.

The third benefit of programmatic buying allows a buyer to analyze and tweak his or her campaign in real time. If the campaign is not delivering the desired results, it is possible to tweak the trends, adjust the targeting, and change the geographic reach to make sure the campaign delivers the buyer’s desired results.

Technology will continue to reinvent the media buying landscape. BluHorn itself has evolved to offer a separate digital worksheet for the changing times that allows you to easily implement your programmatic media buying. For information, questions or suggestions, please visit our website at or contact Marie Meyer, vice president, at

About BluHorn:
BluHorn™, a product of Client Focused Media, Inc., is a web-based media buying software program designed to organize, schedule and report media buys, whether for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor or print and digital media. This software, which was created by media buyers for media buyers, was developed with the input of more than 50 small to midsize advertising, marketing and digital media firms throughout the United States. BluHorn aims to provide the best media buying solution available at a price point that is affordable for small to midsize firms. The software is web-based, requiring no downloads to computers or server storage. After you save your files to the software, you have the ability to access them from anywhere there is an Internet connection.