New Hire at CFM!

By March 13, 2014CFM News

David Barbush partnered with CFM as the Principle/Creative Director of Burning Bush Brands in 2014.  David has been honing his skills as a brand developer and marketing strategist since 1999.  He has worked with tremendous success on projects for small “mom and pop shops” as well as multi-million dollar, global B2B companies.

David earned his degree in Speech Communications from West Chester University in Pennsylvania.  He brings vast experience with a variety of industries and a fantastic skill set as a creative writer to the CFM team. Thus enabling him to assist his clients to meet and exceed future sales targets through brand development, advertising, and marketing.

David wrote and sold the screen play for the critically acclaimed 1999 film, Three Kings, staring George Clooney, Mark Walberg, and Ice Cube.  David enjoys spending time listening to classic radio dramas from the 40s and 50s.  He gets the greatest satisfaction, however, watching his young children grow.

Excited for all the new creativity to come!