New Client: Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation

By February 13, 2015CFM News
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CFM welcomes Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation – supporting over 20 federal, state and city government properties.
Visiting our First Coast wetlands opens the door to the rich past of northeast Florida’s native people. Prior to contact with European settlers in 1562, the Timucua tribes of our region lived in a civilization that went relatively unchanged for 1,000 years.
Find a park or preserve close to where you live and discover the natural world as the Timucua experienced it. See the lush landscape of 9 ecosystems that make their home near our homes. Explore the bone yard beaches of Big Talbot Island; off-road bike through the thick hardwoods of Hanna Park; fish the beautiful waters of Reddie Point.
Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation - CFM
Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation also supports Fort Caroline, built in 1564 by the French with the help of the Timucua.  Barely surviving the first year, the Spanish successfully invaded the fort in 1565 and claimed these northeast Florida lands for themselves. Fast forward a little over 200 years to 1798 to see life as it was on Kingsley Plantation. This 150 year old historic cotton plantation has the oldest standing plantation house in Florida. Compare that with the lives of the slaves who worked there when you visit the tabby slave cabins on the grounds. There is also a Timucuan exhibit at the 1920’s Ribault Club/Fort George Island Visitors Center.
Hike through Dutton Island or kayak through Thomas Creek and revel in the tranquility that still remains. Get up and get active in the largest urban park system in the United States!
Go to and download the Trail Parks brochure to plan your excursions!