New Client BASCA!

By September 27, 2013CFM News

The BASCA story is a story of love, hope and commitment. It began with John Cone when his son was 16 years old. John’s son needed special care, but before BASCA there were no real resources available for parents of adult children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. John and several families changed all that when they formed BASCA nearly 20 years ago.

Currently, BASCA serves 125 people and touches the lives of 200 more. The organization offers recreational and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities while providing them with a rich social environment, as well. Activities range from daily adult training, to a summer camp called “Camp Promise” and a facility that trains people how to build and manufacture products such as unique birdhouses. BASCA provides daily transportation for its individuals and provides residential group homes.

Today BASCA has grown to 64 employees and has partnerships with Hagan Ace Hardware and Home Depot. But the need is great so BASCA will soon begin a capital campaign to raise 2.5 million dollars to expand its programs. From “Good Time Tuesdays” to “Custom Creations Manufacturing”, BASCA lives its mission every day; by providing better living, working, educational, social and recreational opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities.