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Jacksonville, FL—February 21, 2014Paul Porter of Ponte Vedra Beach was named Watson Commercial Realty Agent of the Year for 2013. Mr. Porter spent many years as a developer, primarily of Ponte Vedra Beach real estate, honing skills that translate uniquely to the benefit of his clients. His special ability to assist his clients in determining the highest and best use of their property results in them receiving a greater return on their investment.

Mr. Porter is delighted by the recognition and shares this award with his outstanding support staff and his growing list of satisfied clients. “This award is a testament to the hard work and commitment of my team. Together, we have worked extremely diligently to provide the best account management for our clients. I share this award with them and look forward to pursuing this upward trend.”

Mr. Porter is relatively new as a real estate agent, working at the Jacksonville office of Watson Commercial Realty. However, he is not new to commercial realty having been the successful developer of many Ponte Vedra Beach projects including the corner of A1A and Solana Road, Executive Way, Hidden Oaks Homes fronting on the Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club, and the developer of record for properties on which now sit the Ponte Vedra Business Park and the Overlook V office condominiums. Additionally, he has constructed a score of homes and commercial buildings in those developments. His dedication and service to his clients are demonstrated not only by this top achievement, but by his clients’ continued success.

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