In The Community

Community Involvement – Why Is It Important To Us?

At Client Focused Media we are focused on connecting and having an effect in our community, it’s important for our center mission. That is the reason we are heavily engaged with service and community involvement. You’ll probably notice one of our friendly faces making the rounds serving the communities in and around where we work as well as live.

What Is Community Involvement? Isn’t That Simply Volunteering?

Well it can include volunteering, yes. However, it’s far beyond that. Community involvement is the ability to bring positive, quantifiable change to both the networks wherein you work and to your business. Being associated with things like a rotary club, chamber and economic development council events, having a seat on a board for a local non-profit would all be classified as community involvement in our book. There are also things we do together, such as donating BuzzTV Air Time to profit our local Best Buddies Gala, providing Marketing services to help Veterans, or helping stock a soup kitchen not far off from our office.

Why Is Community Involvement Critical To Us?

We realize that any sort of association in our community can prompt long-lasting partnerships with organizations. Cooperating as part of a team allows for deeper connections than just networking alone. Helping other people grow brings a particular value to the community and brings more open doors for everybody. It builds individual character. Learning and developing ourselves should never have an end. Being included encourages us to think about ourselves and improve along the way. We care profoundly about the future of our families, working environment, city, community, and so on. What better way to show it?

All of us have interests and individual inspirations. This is an approach to effectively utilize them. Being included permits access to preparing and instructing projects that lead to greater self-awareness, especially through industry gatherings and events. Occasions to improve and create leadership aptitudes are likewise plentiful. So what are you sitting tight for? Get included, there are countless advantages.

How are you engaged with your community? Are there regions you’d prefer to see Client Focused Media partake more in?