client focused media


  • Media buying
  • Budget planning and marketing strategy

Marie Boian-Meyer serves as the media director at CFM; managing client’s paid media budgets, from creation of budget planning calendars all the way through the media buying process of negotiation, placement and trafficking in markets throughout the United States. Her love of numbers, organization, and critical thinking enable her to purchase media that targets the client’s key customers while maximizing the client’s budget.

Marie earned her degree in Broadcast Communications from Bradley University in Illinois. She has been involved with the Media Advertising Club of Chicago and RAB. She continues to further her media knowledge and education through involvement with webinars and events throughout the nation. Prior to joining CFM, Marie spent ten years buying media at the two of the largest automotive ad agencies in Chicago – the nation’s third largest media market. Her experience has made her invaluable to CFM and our clients. Marie has established great relationships in small, medium, and large markets nationwide. Her personal relationships with media representatives make the difference in CFM’s buying power. As a result, she has elevated media planning and purchasing to an art form.

When she is not crunching numbers and negotiating media buys for CFM clients, Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and four young children, as well as her work with community theatre organizations.