client focused media

Joseph Vokac-Gordon was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He moved to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida and graduated UNF as a communication major, with a focus in multimedia production. His knowledge of video shoots and the understanding of the pre and postproduction process of editing and filmmaking are both something Joseph is proud of. The experiences he has gained through his volunteer work at UNF have only furthered his passion for this line of work.

Joseph has filmed school events and productions, while also developing and editing promotional videos for Osprey Production, the school’s entertainment agency. He has also been a videographer for Spinnaker News, the UNF newspaper, where he filmed school sporting events and interviews. Joseph also volunteered for ESPN3 where he filmed the UNF men’s and woman’s basketball games. More recently he directed a short film for the 48-hour film contest, along with directing and producing multiple documentaries about the local Jacksonville community.

One of his strengths is that he listens closely to the needs of the people he works with and strives to exceed those needs. He adheres to the highest standard when it comes to the production and post-production of any project.