15 Brands Rocking Tumblr

By November 14, 2013Advertising, Social Media

1. Calvin Klein

Like the brand’s iconic ads, the Calvin Klein Tumblr is clean, sexy and sleek. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the clothes, the models and the photo shoots, in addition to the brand’s own advertisements.

Image: Tumblr

2. Disney

Disney is perfectly suited to Tumblr. Its content is naturally very visual, recognizable and commonly shared on the feel-good social media site. Tumblr users’ love for anything nostalgic also helps.

Image: Tumblr

3. GQ

The GQ Tumblr takes the most sharable content from the magazine and highlights it, whether it be a great cover, feature article or photoshoot.

Image: Tumblr

4. Lexus

Lexus’s Tumblr is so subtle: The main page oozes high-end fashion in chic black, white and yellow. The message is clear, though: Lexus = luxury.

Image: Tumblr

5. Adidas

Adidas’s Tumblr is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. Interactive, clean and full of color and personality, it puts the products front and center without seeming like the brand is force-feeding them to customers.

Image: Tumblr

Almost every major brand has a Twitter or Facebook account. That’s a given. Maybe even aYouTubeInstagram or Pinterest presence. But all the really cool kids are also using Tumblr.

Tumblr can be an amazing marketing tool for any brand, as it usually emphasizes strong visual content that’s easily sharable to mass audiences. Its beautiful templates are easy to manipulate and change, and many are completely free. Plus, the Tumblr culture is generally welcoming, friendly and accepting.

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Article by Taylor Casti